Welcome Prof. Marco I. Bonelli from SIAS Intl. University, China to be Committee Member!

Marco I. Bonelli.jpg

Prof. Marco I. Bonelli, SIAS Intl. University, China

Research Area: 

Corporate Relationships; Global Markets; Investment Research; Client; Development; Portfolio Management; Investment; Customer Engagement 

Research Experience:

► He analyze equities, provide and distribute research in the healthcare, medical technology, IT, transportation, and innovative/disruptive technology industries.

► For over two decades, I have utilized insider market knowledge to identify and capitalize on opportunities and tap into unexplored growth sectors.
► He has revamped business models to implement financial research, achieving unprecedented gains, slashing costs, and expanding our client base.

► Over the years, I have consistently delivered positive growth and profits by exceeding expected returns on investment.
►He has  led industrious teams of financial analysts at home and abroad to develop and deliver a range of services to international clients.

► Renewed firm images by improving quality and availability of services to double growth, generating $MM in revenue.
► Developed business by expanding into uncharted territory in Europe and in the U.S.

► Developed all-inclusive solutions by promoting cross-functional collaboration between various departments; improved service delivery, increased efficiency, boosted reliability, and increased client base.
► Jointly developed “M-Squared” proprietary equity management model, which increased efficiency and streamlined service delivery process for portfolios worth $500M.

► Actively involved in academic research in Finance, Strategic Management, and Investment Analysis and Valuation.
► Completed Doctorate in Strategic Management and defending my dissertation in "Strategic Management analysis as an application for Equities Evaluation". Currently full time faculty of Finance and Banking at Bangor University, Changsha, Hunan, China