Welcome Prof. Sher Singh Sangwan ​from Centre for Research in Rural  and Industrial Development, India to be Committee Member!


Prof. Sher Singh Sangwan, Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development, India

Research Area: 

Rural Credit, Microfinance and Financial Inclusion, Impact Evaluation studies of Agriculture, Poverty alleviation, microfinance, rural-non-farm sector and infrastructure

Research Experience:

  1. Employment Chronicle- Description

a. At Present, consultant in Nabcons and working on a study of GOI on Price support Scheme in 8 states of India covering 8 crops

b. Professor, State Bank of India Chair  and Incharge  Panchayat Raj Institutions Unit in Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID), Chandigarh(retired in June 2018).

c. Former General Manager, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development(NABARD)  and served in eight States of India viz. Punjab and Haryana, Maharashtra, Pune, Arunachal Pradesh as State Incharge, Uttar Pradesh  as Faculty Member NABARD Staff College, Bihar and Uttrakhand  as a  District Development Manager, Dehradun (1983-2008)

d. Prior to NABARD, Assistant. Professor at Aurobindo College of  Delhi University, Malviya Nagar,  Delhi 


a.  Ph.D. , Jawaharlal Nehru University , New Delhi , 1986 

b. M.Phil. ,Jawaharlal Nehru University , New Delhi , 1980

c. MA (Economics) , First class First Position , Kurukshetra University, 1978

d. JAAB - December 2006 and CAIIB- May 2007 from Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai.

e. Publications in academic Journals -38 and English Newspaper-38. Listed ahead

3. Membership of Professional Bodies

Ü (1986) Life member of Indian Society of Agricultural Economics since 1986 and my papers were accepted in full during the conference of 1986 and 2000

Ü Member of Indian society of  Indian Society of Agricultural Marketing

Ü Member of Indian society Political Economy

Ü Life Member  Institute of Banking and Finance, Mumbai

Ü Member of Indian society of labour Economics

Ü Member of a working Group of Haryana Kisan Ayog on Linking Farmers to Market

Ü Member of Regional Advisory Group Haryana  NABRAD RO

4. Professional Activity- Recent 

Ü Identifying the Most remunerative Crop combinations Regions in Haryana; A Spatial and Temporal Analysis  by C by CRRID, Sponsored by NABARD Mumbai- since 2019.

Ü Impact Evaluation Study of Procurement under Price support Scheme; Covering 3400 farmers growing 6 crops in 8 states of India. Report submitted to GOI, MAC&FW March 2019 , 2018-19

Ü Protected Cultivation in Haryana, Punjab and HP: Its strength and scope for doubling the farmers’ Income: Survey completed, report being drafted.

Ü Agri Gold Loans in Punjab: A Study of Extant Practices & Prospectus, SBI Chair, CRRID, March 2016

Ü Study on Diary NPAs in Punjab- SBI Chair, CRRID, August 2015

Ü Study on Agri Value Chain in Haryana-  SBI Chair, CRRID, November 2015

Ü Studies on Implementation and Impact Financial Inclusion- bases on complete villages   survey in Haryana (2015) and Punjab(2014), SBI Chair, CRRID

Ü Agro Processing in Haryana – Cases Study of Rice Mills, 2014, SBI Chair, CRRID

Ü Implementation and Impact of SHGs : A Comparative Study of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana,2013, SBI Chair, CRRID

Ü Study on  Impact of Computerization of land records  on Bank lending & Review of land Tenancy and leasing laws in Punjab State , 2013, SBI Chair, CRRID

Ü A working paper –State-Wise of Comparison of Financial Inclusion in India( with District-wise Status in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir,2013

Ü  Mid-term evaluation of National Food Security Mission, covering 14 states, 81 districts/ 300 blocks in 2012

Ü Involved in Baseline study for National Vegetable Initiative program of GOI in the States of Haryana, HP, Uttrakhand  and Rajasthan , 2011

Ü Monitoring studies of MPLADS in Bihar, Assam, Haryana during 2010, 2011, 2012

Ü Monitoring study of  “Agency for Technology Management in Agriculture in UP & HR 

Ü Monitoring Skill Development Programmes of rural youth 2010 to2012.

Ü Monitoring & Evaluation of infrastructure projects  under PM package in Arunachal Pradesh, 2008- 10

Ü Involved in preparing District level Development Plans as DDM NABARD and at senior level for 20 years in 7 states including Punjab and Haryana